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Informations about"SmartBike" scheme, launched in Rennes in june 1998.

This principle is based on a free rental of bicycles for Rennes Metropolis inhabitants, to favorise urban moves and decrease pollution.

Availability of self-service time-share city bikes, free of charge, for residents of an agglomeration of 37 towns,and also for tourists and occasional users.

Use is totally free and need application form to get a card.

                            Configuration :(click on the follow links)

200 bikes

25 racks

2500 users

1 dispatch vehicle

1 central computer
security, reliability, identification, ease of use 25 docking stations in Rennes 2500 smart cards permanently adjust the allocation of the bikes between the different docking stations,
 depending on needs data-base central computer linked via GSM to the docking stations 
and the dispatch vehicle

It's necessary to sign a contract to had the smart card, and then you can take a bike, 24 hours 7 days a week, for 2 hours at time. You can after put your bike in one of the 25 docking stations.

The good working of the system is assured by 3 technicians and their dispatch vehicle.